What clients have said:

Smoking Cessation, male aged 19

"I didn't really think it would work to begin with, but thought it was worth a try.  It definitely helped me and kept me focussed".


Interview and Exam Nerves, male aged 52

"I always found that my nerves got the better of me at interviews.  After just one session of hypnotherapy with you, I feel totally different and have been able to do really well in these situations.   I am amazed and very pleased that I now feel like this."


Phobia, female aged 78

"This phobia was a real problem to me.  Having overcome it, I feel better in so many, many ways.  I only wish I'd come 30 years ago!"

Insomnia and Recurrent Nightmares, female aged 44

"I had terrible sleep patterns and had the same disturbing nightmares almost every night.  Working with you (and what was going on sub-consciously)  helped me to unravel all the difficult emotions I hadn't faced or understood.  What amazed me was that the nightmares changed and then went altogether.  It's lovely to go to bed feeling relaxed now."


Interview Anxiety, female aged 53

"In just one session before an interview, I was able to use some techniques to reduce interview nerves.  This helped me prepare better and the interview went well because I felt in control.  This obviously came across to the interviewers as I was offered the job."